The tour of the mines is 2.5 to 3 hours long and includes:

- A free visit to the mining museum (permanent exhibition and temporary exhibitions)
- A 20-minute video, before or after the guided tour, depending on your reservation time
- A guided tour of the silver mine (estimated time 2 hours in total: access to the mine at the bottom of the gorge, explanations outside and 1 hour underground)

Please be aware:
It is not useful to arrive early as there is scheduled time either before or after your guided tour to visit the museum and see the video.

Depending on the tour you have chosen, access to the mine is either with your personal vehicle (we organise carpooling when possible), or with a shuttle bus (during high season in July and August there are shuttle buses for most tours).

Guided tours in foreign languages:
We also offer tours in English, Italian and Spanish (please select in advance your preferred language or contact us by phone).

During peak season we reserve the right to offer tours in foreign languages to French speakers. In such cases the tours are conducted in both French and another language.

Family tours:
These tours have explanations adapted for children with more playful elements and are recommended for families with children between 5 and 10 years old.

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Mine d'argent

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Escape Game

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